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Diamond Facets

Facets of Diamond

Facet is the term used for a flat part (surface between edges) of a cut and polished diamond. Facets should be aligned in such a manner that they enhance the reflection of light through diamond. The symmetry, depth and size of facets affect the brilliance and sparkle of diamond. Facets also affect the life span of diamond.

Most diamonds have one of 3 basic facet arrangements: Brilliant, Step and Mixed.

On this page you can read about facets arrangement of modern round brilliant cut which is the most common diamond cut and has 58 facets.

Facets of Round Brilliant Cut Diamond


Table Facet

It’s the top-most facet of the diamond and is named after its location (located on table). In a round brilliant cut diamond, table facet has octagonal shape. It is through this facet that incident light is reflected back. Thus it’s the most important facet of the diamond as it affects the diamond’s brilliance and sparkle.


Star Facets

Just after table facet are the 8 star facets. These facets are named Star because when the diamond is seen from top, these facets form an eight point star.


Kite/Bezel/Upper Main or Crown Facets

Just after star facets are 8 kite facets. The position of these facets extends from the table to the girdle of the diamond. These facets are shaped like a four-sided kite that’s why termed as Kite facets. Also, since they are positioned on crown, they are also called crown facets.


Upper Girdle Facets

These facets are located between kite facets and girdle. Since these facets are positioned on the upper side of the girdle, they are called Upper Girdle facets. These facets are 16 in number.


Pavilion Facets or Arrow Facets

These facets can be seen when diamond is placed in table-down position. There are 8 Pavilion facets located on underside of diamond. These facets connect from under the girdle. Since positioned on pavilion they are termed Pavilion facets. These facets are also termed as Arrow because of their shape.


Lower Girdle Facets

These facets can be seen when diamond is placed in table down position. There are 16 lower girdle facets located on the underside of diamond connected with pavilion facets. These facets are termed so because of their position on the lower side of girdle.


Culet Facet

The culet refers to the "point" at the bottom, which is actually not a point but a tiny facet. It can be said as the lower-most facet when diamond is viewed from sideways.


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