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Gemstone Mining

gemstone mining in Africa Zambia Burma Brazil Columbia Australia Srilanka Ceylon India and Afghanistan. See Emerald Ruby Sapphire Tanzanite and Diamond ines, also marble and granite mines in Italy Spain China and Portugal. so we learn about granite and marble mining process also. 

Before we buy gemstone may be Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond or any other gem; we should know the interesting journey of the stone, A gemstone travels miles before it actually reaches you, as it includes tough mining process, appropriate cutting and symetrical polishing stages; also finally it has to be placed in metal to form a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Gemstone Mines and mining process : The gem mining fields spreads all over the globe with various gemstones mined from different parts of the earth such as - diamond mines in Africa, diamond mining is done in coal mines also ruby from old Burma mines now known as myanmar are amongst the most exotic and rare gems found on the planet earth,' a clean faceted 5 - 6* carat Ruby stone from Burma mines may cost you more than a high end luxuary car. Mozambique in South Africa, Andhra and Orrisa in India, and also Nepal are other famous Ruby mining fields where some of the best ruby has been found there are also ruby mines in Kabul (Afghanistan) where beautiful pinkish red colour ruby is found, as such Sri Lanka is also well known for its vivid deposits of some of the finest gemstones in world such as srilankan sapphire and ruby gem with a list of other more than 100 gems; now we come to Emeralds the top emerald mining areas include Zambia Brazil and Columbia which yeald high grade emeralds, emerald mining in columbia has been put on hold by the government in selected areas now, even Panjshir vally in the states of Afganistan (though it is not a major source) has given some of the finest of the emerald stones ever found with a live grassy green color. Amethysts are mined all over the world but the top saturated color rough gemstone comes from Australia, in the underdeveloped the techniques used in gem mining are still traditional which includes homemade tools, explosives etc

       Emerald mining in columbia marble mining granite mining process


                                  Marble matrix containing ruby and green fuchsite mica tracts mined at eastern Badakhshan's snijnie mines

Most gemstone mining include highely complex and hard search process but in rare cases landslides cause a precious rock to be laid bare. One of such reported incidents include the accidental discovery of sapphire in Kashmir in 1880 where foot long rocks of sapphire were discovered by a hunter.



Gems form in the earth's crust when the molten rock below it rushes through the crevices formed in the area where lava meets the lower most layer of earth's crust. Once the super hot lava starts cooling down it starts to crystallize. Sometimes when the process of cooling is fast, instead of crystal a non-crystalline stone is formed after solidification. The type of stone that eventually forms depends upon the type and saturation of various minerals in the cooling lava. Rubies, for example, are formed from corundum or aluminum oxide.

Gemstones that are mined are in a rough form and only experts can transform gemstones from rough rock. Production of high quality rough gemstones is in short supply and there is a huge demand for them. Jewel Field provide you excuite and rare gems collection at most economical prices, In fact, acquiring rough gemstones is one of the most challenging jobs in the gemstone industry.



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