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Gems and Jewelry have always been a fasination for men and women from pre historic times, having natural gems an ornament on the body is a signature of beauty, charm, delight, dignity, confidence, status signifying the intermingling of nature to the human soul. Gems are the beautiful creation of the goddess nature itself. Natural Gems with vivid colour types and colour hues have been the facination of men from prehistoric times. 


Jewelfields Gems 

We are manufacturers as well the wholesaler and suppliers of faceted and plain (cabochons) loose untreated gemstone and beads from Jaipur India, as a family business.

We deal in all precious gems like emerald, ruby, sapphire all colors, aquamarine, tourmaline, untreated setting size diamondas, diamond pointers, diamond solitaires, in really cheap price than any where possible; we also make orders for major semiprecious gems like coral, hessonite, garnet, amethyst, all the gemstones are 100% natural and untreated unless specified for any treatment.  


                                                                  Our marquise shape emeralds set in a ring 

Here at Jewelfields online store you may see several pictures for each gem or loose gemstone lots displayed, in natural light so you may make choose the gems and diamonds very appropriately, and make maximum value for money, or write us to know more about any gem or diamond displayed here, As a gem dealer we will be glad to solve any of your questions


A Revival of Colour Stones

Coloured gemstones have been treasured since before the beginning of recorded history. And yet, in jewellery terms, we have lived through a period in which clear stones have dominated the market to an unprecedented extent. The second half of the 20th century was, if you like, the golden age of the white diamond.

However, it appears we are once again rediscovering our love of colourful jewels. 

From the red carpets of Hollywood and Cannes to the runways of Paris and Milan, from the pages of the world’s leading fashion magazines to the vitrines of Bond Street and Madison Avenue – and even to the ring finger of the Duchess of Cambridge – you will find a riot of red and green and blue gems.

Buy loose gemstones in wholesale at jewelfields -  emerald beads and strings, mm size emerald lot,   green gemstones, red gemstone, blue gemstone, yellow gems : Gemstone wholesaler and exporter dealing in at Jaipur India, Bangkok, China, Italy

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