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Jewelfields is a diamond wholesaler; merchant of loose round cut white diamonds, diamond lots, diamond pairs, diamond pointers, diamond stars, diamond solitaires. Based in Jaipur INDIA we provide our clients the best deals in diamonds through our special sources and manufacturers, we ensure that you get best and real diamond pricing, and be saved from buying diamond by paying high prices than their value. Also on availability you can get best of the market deals here with us. 

Get best deals in diamonds - colors readely available with us are   - White, NW, LB, LY in all clarity grades. 

Shapes readely available with us are - Brilliant (round), Princess, Marquise also uncut and one side cut diamonds.

Why from us -

All diamonds we sell are 100% natural and untreated, unless specified for colored diamonds. we can arrange any kind of parcel services and packing, so that the transaction remains safe and secure in between us.

At Jewelfields you get real thing at real price, not like surat diamond market. We ensure that you get maximum value for your money, also whatever color and clarity we specify for the diamonds you get exactly the same.

100% accurate carat weight for all solitaires and diamond lot.

The delivery is done as soon as the payments are cleared by EMS speed post, and you are informed of the tracking number within 2 hours of the delivery is done.


Real pictures -

The pictures you see of any loose diamonds on our website and on our other online stores are 100% real and original not artificial as other big brands do they show you computer made pictures which look alike for all kinds of diamonds.

At Jewel Fields you can very well judge the diamonds by the real pictures, in different lights.

Jewelfields is a diamond dealer - diamond merchant from Jaipur India. Our major markets are from China, Italy, Russia, Antwerp Belgium. Domestic markets where we supply are Surat, Mumbai. 

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