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Shipping & Returns

Which countries we ship to 

We ship gemstones worldwide to almost all major countries.

We provide Registered Shipping for low value samples and well custom cleared shipping for regular orders.


Various shipping methods available 

DHL normal post

Custom cleared insured parcels by MalcaAmit and EMS


Shipping Time 

The products are shipped within 3 days once the order is collected;

an email will be sent to confirm the outgoing date and give you the estimated arrival date at your address.

We will keep you updated regarding the status of your order. and you can also contact and ask at the phone number provided.

Shipping time for normal posts remain 10 - 15 days 

custom cleared parcels reach in 5 working days 

NOTE - that in some cases if the Gem-Lab certificate is to be arranged, it might takes 1 - 7 working days extra.



Any kind of packing for diamonds available as per your requirements.

Gemstones packing is done in a hard plastic box, the box is then packed by a stiched cloth, packing is done properly and it is ensured that nothing breaks.


About custom's & duties 

Note-: we cannot control nor pay for any customs charges, duties or VAT in your country, as they vary from case to case and are beyond our reach.

The import taxes may vary from country to country which may remain around 1% to over 20% in some cases.

You will be able to recover VAT as a professional buyer/trader. please contact your local customs if you need further information, or drop us an email so that we can provide you more information regarding custom duties in your country if its possible for us to fing out.

Sometimes the shipment time may take quite longer then general if the customs retain your parcel, which is totally our of our hands but this happens very rarely.


Arrival time of the order at your place

The shipment time depends on the method used for shipment 

Registered mail through India Post the parcel reaches approx 10 - 19 days throughout the world.

the charge for a parcel below 200 grams (gross weight) is $10 starting


With the speed post it takes quite less time and parcel reach in 7 - 13 days approx throughout the world

the charges for upto 200 grams parcel (gross weight)  is $20 starting.


0 starting. Custom cleared parcel's fright charges are different and starts from $45 onwards, the shipping company remains EMS but the invoive with appearing/visible value of the parcel is attached over the parcel. and the value is equal to the amount remitted by you for the goods.



Your inspection period remains 4 days, and you in case you are not satisfied in need to return inform us either in our contact to us, by email , by phone, and the package should shipped back within 4 days after being recieved by you to reach us within 16 days of dispatch, if you are not satisfied with the stones you can repack it and send it back to us your payment after deducting 9% of the invoice value for gemstone or jewelry will be refunded to you, without any questions and delays. 

The only condition is that the item should be returned undamaged unchanged in proper packing with compleate documentation.

Since we carry the major cost (and the work) of a return, it is in our foremost business interest not to show or present any stone better than it actually is. A returned stone is bad news for us. Therefore we do everything to ensure that what you see is what you get. At the end of the day, every return raises our cost, which is in nobody's interest. 


Kindly contact us by email or phone for return instructions or if you have any questions regarding our returns policy.



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