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Why From Us

All the gems displayed are guaranteed 100% natural, exactely the natures creation. Jewelfields offers all range in certified diamonds, certified gemstones. Real stone at real price.

The other most practical thing is see any of our gems, or gemstone lots and their pricing and directly compare to any of the online stores who claim to be selling at lowest price, and then you will know what manufacturing price is, and if finally you are satisfied then only buy from us. 

Most of the gemstones we sell are acquired directly from the mining areas like ruby rough from Africa and India by some most reliable and cheap sources and then are cut and polished by our own; through our domestic (Indian) cutting and polishing machines and tools, at our own workshop in Jaipur India so you can buy a real gem at reliable price. Our prices are generally those in which a ordinary person can buy quality cut gemstones. We are based in Jaipur, which is the largest color gemstone cutting center in the world, and hence we are constantly in touch with the latest techniques, methods and trends, which give us a competitive edge and enable us to provide you with nothing but the best. All the gemstones rough displayed on the website is the good quality selected rough; At lowest possible mining production prices or otherwise these rough are sold at many many times more the prices we listed.

Jewelry designers, wholesale manufacturers who need custom cuts for jewelry making may order us your custom requirements, or can buy gemstone rough from us that can be cut according to your requirements, you can even select any particular displayed rough and get it cut by us according to your requirement.Easy Payment Methods through PayPal, Bank transfer, we just do money transactions through nationalised banks in India. 100% guaranteed delivery at mentioned time, as soon as you place your order we email you regarding the approximate time for your delivery and on the next day of your order tracking number will be givin.  

The cutting and polishing is done very precisely by artisans who are in gemstone manufacturing as a family tradition, even the father was in gemstone manufacturing and now his son is working with us so the signature of quality is maintained.   

All Gemstones Precious or Semi Precious are guaranteed Natural and Untreated. Real gemstones at real price. 



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