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Jewelfields sells 100% natural gems only. Jaipur in INDIA is the hub for cutting-polishing of rough precious and semi precious gemstones specially the rare and most desirable gem emerald, though the emerald rough is imported here from all major emerald producing mines in the world like those in Colombia, Swat in Pakistan or Ethiopian and Russian mines but most manufacturing is done in emeralds from Zambia in South Africa.

Jewelfields avails wholesale loose emerald parcels in B2B prices resourced ethically for loose gem dealers and jewellers in free as well calibrated sizes as per availability. Buy online mix origin earth mined loose emeralds in guaranteed lowest prices on earth from us.

Emerald shapes: All shapes and sizes are usually available like most famous emerald cut (octagon step cut), pear, cushion, oval, round diamond cut in faceted as well cabochon and sugarloaf and more fancy cuts.

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3.03ct Oval Cut Deep Velvet Green Color Emerald


3.98ct shiny leaf green oval shape emerald


3.26ct Oval Shape Pakistan Green Color Emerald


4.35ct Oval Shape Medium Deep Green Emerald


3.99ct Oval Shape Vivid Green Color Emerald


2.35ct Octagon Step Cut Panjshir Green Color Emerald


3.09ct Emerald Cut Vivid Green Emerald


3.25ct Oval Cut Medium Green Shade Emerald


3.54ct Oval Cut, Pakistan Green Color Emerald


4.70ct Medium Deep Rich Green Octagon Step Cut Emerald


2.93ct Rich Pakistan Green Oval Cut Emerald


3.83 carat Velvet Grass Green Color Emerald Cut Emerald