Fancy color diamonds

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We are the traders of original fancy diamonds in shapes size. Stones in primary colors of pink brown green yellow gray grey black white blue orange and secondary hue shades of pinkish greenish greyish grayish bluish orangish orangy purplish brownish yellowish shade or tone which makes the combinations as pinkish brown or brownish pink, bluish gray and greyish blue, cognac, chameleon purple violet, champagne and more as certified by GIA IGI GTL by GJEPC in diamond color grade certificate and non certified with our in house grading at best discount offers for diamond merchants and jewelry manufacturers. The colors in color diamonds are mentioned with their intensities of color present or color saturation in a diamond like very light, fancy light, fancy medium light, fancy, intense and vivid as colors can be light dark and deep further the arrangements of the facets and shape also affects the color. Check list for fancy color diamond dealers in Mumbai INDIA, Antwerp Belgium, New York U...Read More