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Emeralds wholesale: Buy natural emerald gemstones online by Jewel Fields in business to business trade prices with trust. As an original cut and polished gemstone wholesaler from Jaipur the emerald capital of world, we source and supply genuine emeralds.

Certification is provided from GTL by GJEPC (gem and jewelry export promotion council of India) and mines / origin certificates from GIA IGI GRS laboratory on demand. We are trusted dealer for all range in faceted unmounted untreated emeralds, the range comprises quality, shapes, carat sizes; Shapes in emerald: like most popular emerald cut emerald (octagon step cut), cushion, oval, pear shaped, cabochon sugar loaf, princess cut, single round step cut and full diamond cut.

Emerald price and quality: Emerald pricing factors includes its transparency, clarity, color, carat weight, brilliance and cut-polish quality, the origin is the another element determ...Read More


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5.45ct Vivid Green Long Octagon Step Cut Zambian Emerald


6.56ct Vivid Green Octagon Step Cut Zambian Emerald


4.77ct Deep Green Octagon Cut Zambian Emerald


3.75ct Bright Pakistan Green Color Octagon Step Cut Emerald


4.22ct Medium Dark Green Color, Square Shape Emerald


4.43ct Deep Velvet Green, Octagon Cut Zambian Emerald


3.96ct Velvet Green Octagon Step Cut Zambian Emerald


3.11ct Pakistan Green Octagon Step Cut Emerald


3.53ct Vivid Green Octagon Cut Emerald.


5.16ct Velvet Green Color Octagon Step Cut Emerald


3.19ct emerald cut emerald panjshir green color


3.72ct Pear Shape Deep Velvet Green Color Emerald