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Diamond pointer is a trading term referring to a finished diamond of any shape with a certain weight in "carats" or size in "mm" (millimeter). A 100 milligram is equal to 0.50 carat or 50 cents and the amount of cents is the pointer name for instance in this case a it will be a 50 pointer, now if the weight is 0.10ct means the diamond is 10 pointer and simplest one being 0.01 as 1 pointer. The stones bigger than 1 carat or 100 cents are denoted with carat weight as a 1.08ct rock is 108 cents. Natural loose diamonds: Jewelfields is loose diamond supplier (online inventory) selling only 100% natural untreated diamonds in wholesale business prices from Surat INDIA. Diamond shapes/cutting: We supply all the shapes including popular round brilliant cut, princess, pear modified brilliant, asscher, cushion also rose cuts, side moons, diamond pairs on availability. Diamond color shade: in white to off white diamonds include TLB-TTLB which is a slight brownish hue and TLC...Read More