Genuine Diamonds at Genuine Business Prices at Jewel Fields the Premier Diamantaire and Loose diamond sourcing partner for diamond dealers worldwide.

JEWELFIELDS is a B2B diamond supplier for all your solutions regarding purchase of loose natural diamonds, Specially naturally colored diamond parcel/parcels. Genuine diamonds in wholesale at genuine prices means we get you lowest prices on earth guaranteed for loose diamond pointers. Get all your diamond supplies from one place with best customer support. As a B2B cut and polished diamond dealer we work basically in wholesale parcels/lots of diamonds and gemstones instead on displaying and selling one-one single pieces which are sold by retailers so this is how you get diamond pointer lots and emeralds at business prices, we work through all major diamond bourses in the world.

All Type (Quality, Shapes, Sizes) of Natural Diamonds

* Diamond in shades of colorless, white, off white to light brown and light yellow in all qualities certified as well as non certified in all cut and shapes sizes so we can get you available all range in natural loose diamonds 100% untreated earth mined unless mentioned.

* We deal in wholesale parcels / mix lots of diamonds and usually not sell single pcs of diamonds or gemstones and that is how you get best pricing / costs for the gems for your business.

* A mix diamond parcel is a lot of many diamond pointers in one packet, a diamond parcel may include diamonds of same shape and cut also mix diamond or gemstone parcel have different types of diamonds is a single lot like princess cut and marquis shape diamonds all of different sizes in one parcel also it is possible that a parcel just have round brilliant cut diamonds or just cushion modified brilliant cut diamonds or a parcel can be pear modified cut lot so in mix parcel all mix to same calibrated size diamonds of same shape and cut with equal mm size can also be there in same or similar color and clarity. Now comes to the colors in a mix diamond lot the shades in any mix diamond parcel can be widely different like very light yellow color to dark brown or orange and white mix. About the clarity is suppose a diamond lot is colorless to light brown in shade with variation in sizes and suppose fancy shaped diamonds in it now then also there may be variations of clarity some may be pique included as I2 - I3 and others may be even VS VVS or Si in clarity and then even rose cut diamonds with brilliant cut fancy color diamonds so each diamond has its own individual value so while getting such lots an average value of that lot has to be estimated. These diamonds can be either sold by manufacturers or other traders as trader to trader or dealer to dealer so we here look around all the inventories and stocks of everyone dealing in diamond here in Jaipur, Surat Mumbai and even in markets of Israel, New York USA, Antwerp that who is a good price seller who can sell at most bargained price and get so is how we you best deals at best price guaranteed.

* We handle all your work regarding purchases, looking best available wholesale lots of loose genuine cut and polished diamonds. Our basic range comprises diamonds in white to light brown shade to light yellow shades, and our diamonds basically comes in very minor inclusions which are generally in sides and invisible by naked eyes or are like those which does not make difference in the beauty of the stone.

* Also all loose fancy shaped diamonds and fancy colored/color diamonds in wholesale parcels at cheap prices, best prices guaranteed on earth and we work on order basis to source diamond as per your requirements in jewelry or trading of loose diamonds. Any specific requirements for your jewelry, diamond solitaires.

* We deal in certified as well as non certified diamonds, generally certification is done for confirming that diamond is of natural origin and has no treatments like HPHT, coating, Irradiation. from laboratory GTL by GJEPC (gem and jewelry promotion council of India) other labs also if possible like GIA, HRD, GRS, IGI.

* With us you will get only quality genuine and authentic natural diamonds in all quality, clarities, sizes so grow your diamond business with us with best business opportunities.

On phone personal customer care
Whatever type of diamonds you like at our Instagram page - JEWELFIELDS - or at our website may be they are samples or the available stones you can ask the prices either by email or phone number which is also the WhatsApp number given on our website. If available and you buy that will be shipped to you at your door location world wide.

Emails are replied within 24 hours and phone messages are replied within few minutes. proper working tracking is provided and its our assurance that you will get best support from our side for selecting diamonds, we personally understand your business requirements in diamonds and get you better then best deals from the market almost every time.

A buyer is of the up most importance to us as your profit is our profit and then only we can get regular work from you.

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