• Diamond - from mine to cutting and polishing process.

  • There are several steps involved in making of a beautiful shining cut and polished diamond from a lapidary diamond.
  • First of all the piece of rough diamond is examined which involve a lot of expertise and this first step is called planning how the diamond will get cut out from that pcs what best possible size and what quality can be maintained in as big size as possible and this whole work in now days is computerized and done by Sarine machine, even manually but for more valuable stones use of the software mechanism is used as it very well tells all the possibilities of getting the best output as that decides the profitability from the stone.

  • Then it is first given an outline or round shape from the rough and then comes the process of cutting out the facets of the diamond which include, pavilion, crown, culet girdle

  • Finally polish of the diamond is done on each of the facets, the number of facets depends on the type of cut and the shape given to the diamond. and then finally a shining gem is produced out of the process, but the process does not ends here the inspection of the cut and polished diamond is done where if any flaw which can be rectified by recut of the diamond or like flaws of the proportions and symmetry and then polish whether everything is proper. there are many types of cutting and polish process which are effective in providing type of brilliance the diamonds have these days more advance process of faceting are there to give a diamond more shine.

  • Most of the real diamond cutting and polishing factories are situated in Surat, Mumbai cities of INDIA where around 75% of the total diamond is cut and polished once the uncut diamond rough mined by the diamond mining companies through the world like Al Rosa, De Beers, Dominion diamonds are then auctioned in rough diamond auctions where by bid these are sold to their sightholders, a sight holder is an (A credited) buyer of these companies and sight holders are mostly from India, the rough diamond is assorted on basis of size, quality, color shade, clarity and shape etc. After the rough selection process each stone is planned that how it will get cut or what maximum production can come out of it how many number of pieces and how much maximum size each stone can they get from this lapidary diamond and this planning is the most important step of diamond manufacturing as it has a significant role in deciding the value or profit a manufacturer will get from the diamond.
  • Now a marking is done on the stone and that is cut our in rough shapes, which are rounded further on a computerized machine after that facets are made out in diamonds which include pavilion, culet, crown, table and then all is done in certain proportions and shape polish is done to get out a shining diamond as a gem to get fit into a beautiful piece of jewelry. about shapes of diamonds we have already discussed before may a general and most common shape in diamond is round diamond which is generally cut as round brilliant cut, though other arrangement of facets can make it for a different cut style like rose cut and more now any shape other than round like cushion, marquis, asscher, tapered baguettes, emerald cut, oval are all called collectively as fancy shaped or fancy shaped diamonds.

Now in jewelry if same size calibrated diamonds are needed specially melee diamonds or same shapes then they are cut accordingly keeping mm size equal or sometimes in lay outs with same shape but ascending or descending sizes the diamond is cut and polished with such measurements and so are diamond pairs are cut our and polished from a rough diamond.

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