About Emeralds:

Emerald gem stone come from the mineral family beryl which may have different colors like white, light green, green, red; the green ones from them with certain amount of chromium and vanadium are emeralds. Emeralds are heavily included and they are soft stones and has a hardness of 7.5 on Mohs scale of 0 to 10. Emeralds are mined in many places throughout the world like in South Africa, Pakistan, India, USA, Russia, Afghanistan and more. The colors and inclusions in emeralds depends on its origin. and the vivid green and the Colombian green with hue of blue in them are considered as the best sort out colors in the GEM. Loose emeralds online sale. 

Emerald Price and Grading:

The color cut clarity and carat weight are the major factors decisive of the loose unmounted emerald price then comes the origin of stones and brilliance / luster.

Color -  Emerald depicts green crystalline colour so a pure natural green color which is not too dark and not too light will be considered best or will be called vivid color, like the deep green Colombian or Panjshir origin pure green color of medium deep green are very highly priced. The color throughout the gem should be evenly spread as stones where color zoning effect is seen are lower in quality. 

Clarity -  Emerald are found with lot of inclusions fissures and cracks and is one amongst most included precious gemstones. The feathers (fissures) are very common in all emeralds and are found in abundance also tubes, cavities, cracks and more. any emerald with big inner cracks bisecting whole of the stone or cracks opening on the surface skin of the emerald such emeralds are more vulnerable and cheap quality; secondly the position and size of inclusion affects the price cleaner table and side inclusions is always a preference. If an inclusion like black spot or white patch is near the surface of table and in center those type of emeralds or any other gemstone are rejection pieces. A cleaner emerald with good size is rare to find so emeralds over all good in looking is very much acceptable with inclusions. 

Cut, Polish and Brilliance - A signature cut called octagon step cut which is either square or rectangle with eight sides is named as emerald cut after this most precious and sought after gem; cut and polish of the gemstone is very important to bring out the real beauty of the lapidary rough stone, emeralds are cut in various cutting styles and shapes like emerald cut, pear step cut, oval or small rounds and more, so the cutting form symmetry the polish quality should all be appropriate like stone should have proportionate height width and matching facets, the stone too fat or too thin look bad and are cheaper if too much out of proportion like to thin in height are then rejection stones. The mapping of rough stone that which part will be the table and which one will be the base or what shape the lapidary stone will be cut into are all decided carefully to get more value of stone, then the types and amount facets to bring out brilliance of the stone have to be applied. the better rough specimen are cut in faceted stone mostly and rest into cabs / cabochons and beads.

The Luster or Shine in the stone is the major price and quality deciding factor of emerald or any gem. The emeralds should shine always as gems are most known for light and luster shine and mystic color shades. Emeralds are transparent stones and should be with glittering open water in them like a shiny crystal which makes them beautiful and famous. Those emerald stones with dull look or too much inclusions to make them opaque or translucent are cheap and those which shine more are pricy always. 

Weight - with the above mentioned qualities carat weight (1gram = 5 carats) makes the stone rare. The combination of the above mentioned qualities form a rare gem and as much big / far size the emerald is as much rare and as much expensive price it becomes.

The price of a transparent emerald with adequate amount of color and proper cut may start with less than $50 per carat (euro 45/ct) and may be on higher sides to $1000  - $3000 for a carat  qnd fine high quality rare collectors emerald pieces can go in price range of $5000 - $10000 for a carat and much more depending on the rarity and qualities discussed above of the color shade and intensity of it with clarity (inclusion and  types - position - size of inclusion), luster, cut and weight of the stone which creates the grade of the stone.   



Emeralds by Jewelfields
- Jewel Fields is a B2B natural earth mined emerald stone and natural diamonds dealer from India dealing in all good qualities of natural emeralds in all origins of emeralds like from South Africa, Zambia, Colombia, Ethiopian emeralds which are untreated or oiled.

- Jewel Fields sell only untreated or commonly oiled emeralds with colorless oil.

- Certification of emeralds by IGI / GTL or any other local laboratory certificate on demand.

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- Genuine transparent good quality and good color real emeralds.

- Custom orders of recut to adjust size can be done on your requirements for gemstones.

- We select emeralds always on basis of its color clarity and inclusions, no rejection kind of pieces which have lethal cracks, or spots on table skin are avoided.

- All cuts and shape on availability and order as cushion cut emerald, emerald cut emerald, pear shape, half moons, sugar loaf, cabochon, step cut in all shapes / diamond round cut in mm sizes calibrated.

- We at Jewel Fields consider this as our responsibility always to show you most exact images of any gemstone or diamond so that you get exact or better stuff then you expect.
- Certification of any gems on demand/requirement by GTL by GJEPC (gem and jewelry promotion council of India) or IGI. 

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