Colombian / Columbian origin emeralds are considered as the most valuable and sought after of all the emeralds, known for its pure shiny green color and popularity, these emeralds in average most of the times have better color clarity and luster / shine then compared to their counterpart mined emerald gemstones like Zambian which have more bluish tones or Russian which are light in color shade, but it is not necessary that all Colombia mined emeralds are good in quality and does have economic and low qualities. The price of Colombian emerald depends on the above mentioned factors of cut color clarity and carat weight; so how clear and clean looking the gem stone is with the amount and even ness in spread of color which should not be too dark and not too light and should be a vivid color decides the price, then comes the treatment and weight of the stone as bigger the stone is with these criterion the more rare it will be and thus more valuable. Faceted or cabochon, symmetry and adequate proportions affects the value also the mines the emerald belongs to in Columbia which affects the pricing.

Treated / untreated emeralds - Oiling is a commonly accepted practice, now if an emerald has less inner fissures and cracks it will be a minor or no oil emerald so more durable and better quality then emerald whose clarity is altered with significant amount of oil. 

Major mines in Colombian emerald mining region are Chivor, Muzo, La Pita, Coscuez, Penas Blancas and from these mines comes finest premium quality of emerald. All the mines show a slight difference in the characteristics of stones produced due to geographical differences which are difference of shade / hue clarity luster / brightness and most important is type of inclusions present. So in Colombian origin emeralds identifying difference on basis of mines needs a lot of expertise and only few experienced people who are from long in the trade can recognize, the GIA, GRS or Gubelin swiss lab just gives the origin which is based on origin as Colombia and almost do not mention name of mines.

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