Panjshir / Panjsher emeralds are one of the finest qualities of emerald gemstones found in the Panjshir valley of Afghanistan.
Panjshir emeralds are more popular for their mesmerizing color which is pure green or with a tint of yellow and blue combined giving them a vivid look adding on that is the ultimate glow or luster in the stones found here.

Recognized as the best shade with ultimate crystalline transparency these emeralds in attraction are rivals to best emeralds found in any other emerald mines of the world like Muzo and Chivor mines of Colombia or best Zambian emeralds. The cut, clarity, color and carat weight gives the value / price of stone the clean stones with vivid even color in bigger sizes are extremely expensive and rare gems. Finished cut and polished gems are faceted or cabochons (cabs) and quality of cut also are factors in pricing.

The emeralds are being mined here from thousands of years and mines in the valley are the oldest source of these fine gem stones. The valley is located more than 100 km north east of Kabul city and there are more than 170 mines which have given emerald produce from infinite years the famous ones are Khenj mines of Milzeni, Mikeni, Butak, Barun, Darlzhenj region. The difference in the geography of mining areas differ emeralds in characteristics from one another and only few old experienced  people can distinguish these emeralds on the level of mines.

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