Swat valley emeralds are beautiful mystic shade emeralds with corn green color found with a hue of yellow they form a lively green color unique to these mines. Medium to deep green color and unique transparency and feel of smoothness is their property. The color clarity cut defines the quality of the stones and then comes the carat weight which decides the value of the stones. Jewelfields sells finished cut and polished quality faceted emeralds from Panjshir and Swat mines. 

The Chromium and iron traces present in the stone decides the color of it, the premium Pakistan swat valley origin emeralds have a consistence even vivid color in them but when iron presence is higher it turns the color to bluish which affects the quality and color zoning is also seen in these emeralds and those are not considered as high quality.

Swat emeralds are commonly inclusive with wide variety of inclusions Mica and Jardin inclusions are common in them and rust and feathers are other so a clean stone in good size becomes rare and super expensive. Also rich chromium presence makes the gem stone to glow and show a rich brilliant luster. 

Swat mines are located few hundred km north of Peshawar city, major mining locations are Mingora, Fizzat / Fizzaghat, Shamozai, Swat, Shamozai, Shangla, Gujjar Killi. 
Most of the above mines are closed other then Fizzat making this gem even more rarer and valuable. 

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Natural finished swat vally emeralds at low price, Gubelin and GTL by GJEPC (gem and jewelry export promotion council of India) certified Swat Pakistan emeralds (Swat Panna), Pakistan origin emeralds.