Russian / Siberian emerald information - Russian emeralds as Ethiopian are found in bigger rough crystals in comparision to Colombian or Panjshir emeralds and are generally in medium to light green color shades with common combination of bluish green and yellow tint with green. The transparency and clarity of Russian emeralds is high end with great brilliance/luster. The superior high quality emeralds mined in Russia region are of vivid green even color and big sizes and some of the best specimen of emeralds have also been found in Russian province. 

Russia produces 1% of total worldwide emerald production and color shade remains generally lighter and few Colombian mines resemble in produce with that of Russian mined emeralds in quality and characteristics even some high quality emeralds from Russia are in appearance as of high quality Colombian emeralds. 
Colombian mines are scattered across the country from noth west of country to south some major mining areas includes those of Malysheva Ekaterinburg (Ural emerald mines in Ural mountains) whose old name was Mariinskoje mines and where the first discovery of emerald is known also Lubinsky, Chinty, Troitzky, Ostrowsky produce emerald rough and are operational till date. 

Brazilian emeralds - from past 50 years Brazil is consistent producer of natural emerald gemstones, emeralds from Brazil were considered of subdued quality but then perception changed and now top quality clean clarity and vivid green color emeralds with transparency and great luster/brilliance are also getting mined in Itabira-Nova Era belt of Minas Gerais and they fetch huge price per carat in market. 

The Belmont mines, Capoeirana, and Montebello are other major mines producing emeralds most of the lapidary stone mined is cut in India. 

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