Emeralds from Beryl family signify new spring growth and is one amongst the 4 rare gems ruby diamond sapphire and itself, the crystal green mesmerizing color of emerald is breathtaking and excited royal thrones, royal ladies since ages. There are other green gems also like tourmaline or peridot but emerald being the lushest and richest from historic times. The word emerald originated from Greek word "smaragdus" which stands for green. Clean and clear emeralds in vivid colors are one of the most expensive and sought after gemstones.

The oldest emerald mines known were in Egypt, which were more than 300 years BC. Emerald have since been used by Royals in the crown and thrones to exquisite royal jewelries throughout the globe, emerald green is considered as the coolest color to look upon which relaxes the eyes and even therapeutic use for this has been practiced for the treatment of cholera. The Incas have been using emeralds from ages in their religious performing other than jewelry. In Europe also emerald have been traded for precious metals where gold and silver importance was far more than gem stones. 

Emerald was considered to give special powers to rulers and kings as sharp memory and and physical strength also when emerald was placed under the tongue was believed to make the future visible also as it signifies truth for taking oath it was held in hand. Emeralds are worn for protection from evil eyes. 

The Indian royals had the fascination for this rare beautiful green gem from hundreds of years the best high quality far size pieces were used in ornaments of kings and queens as were the treasures and symbol of wealth, and same with Mughals emerald has been the most desirable gem adorning the crowns and there are endless mythological stories about emeralds and it has a significant space in history when comes to treasures, gems and jewelry, art and ornaments. Still rulers of world have a special place for diamonds and emeralds as a symbol of richness, beauty and power.

Apart from it astrological values of emeralds are also there its the birth stone of the month of May for planet Mercury and significator of wealth, business growth, love and health. 

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