Loose Cut and Polished Diamonds Diamantaire.

JEWELFIELDS is a wholesale business to business online loose earth mined natural diamond trader and dealer, company sourcing diamonds and other precious gems like emeralds and exporting for diamond and gem dealers/merchants, seller retailers in diamond bourse India as well out of India diamond bourses in USA, China, Europe. Here you can see our inventory for sale as well as the sample lots of diamonds in all size/shape categories as well as all grades, we basically sell the commercial visible clean looking stones which are usually graded or in certificate comes as si2 - si3 - i1 clarity and on orders top clarity diamonds as IF - VVS1 - VS1 - 2 and all colors from colorless D to color shades of (W-X), (Y-Z) as well as fancy colors, most of the demand with us remains of these slight included diamonds in all shapes also a good demand is of fancy shaped diamond pointers. 


We offer an array of 100% natural cut and polished diamond pointer, melee diamond lots in all mm sieve/ pierres sizes, and all diamonds at JEWELFIELDS are selected on basis of the appearance and shine.

As a diamond wholesaler Jewel Fields work in certified and non certified cut and polished diamonds for wholesalers, suppliers and jewelers in all shapes colors and qualities as per your requirements.

As we just deal in loose diamonds only for loose diamond dealers and jewelry stores manufacturers so this is always witnessed by us that a diamond finally should look good and beautiful whenever it is set into the jewelry so a good cut quality, polish grade and good luster/firing is always our priority in any diamonds we sell and ship to anyone.

Diamond in Wholesale

Our basic work is to source and provide B2B best deals in loose diamonds or some precious gemstones like emeralds so we work generally in lots or parcels of diamonds which are many pieces of diamonds in one single lot / packet they can be either diamond pointer parcels which have diamonds usually over 0.30 carat in sizes and also melee diamond parcels and same in gemstones like emeralds and sapphires. The lots or parcels are supplied as they come to us and generally we do not sell one - one single stones to get you the best wholesale business prices.

On order basis we get you available all clarity and color grades in white colorless to off white fancy color diamonds / fancy colored diamond lots with more generally in VS SI to I1 clarity.

Even our I1 (pique 1) - I2 (pique 2) clarity diamond pointers in commercial grade category are selected on basis of its looking and attractiveness from the table, and firing/brilliance/luster so you will not find any unwanted spots or huge visible inclusions and dense clouds on the table of any of our diamonds and all the more they will be fine cut with good to excellent shine. All diamonds sold by Jewel Fields as loose diamond parcels and single pcs are CVD checked by latest synthetic diamond scanners here so feel safe and assured that you are buying natural earth mined diamonds and high quality gems only and not lab created diamonds.

At JEWELFIELDS we work only in 100% natural untreated Diamonds unless stated for any treatments. and Emeralds with just oiling (common in emeralds) to no oil ones.

All the diamond pointers / diamond parcels, melee diamonds are scan checked for availability of CVD and any other type of synthetics so feel safe working with us as you are going to get authentic natural diamonds and precious gems only.

We deal in -

- Natural white color untreated non certified and fancy color diamond pointers in shades of orange, pink, yellow, green and mix shade of green, chameleon, champagne, gray, purple and other loose colored diamonds in color grade of light, fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid etc. 

- Fancy shade/color melee diamond parcels | lots in round brilliant cut and fancy shaped melees like tapered - baguette shape | cut.

- Non certified white to off white diamond pointers in round brilliant cut and other brilliant modified cut with heart, pear shaped, princess, radiant, asscher, cushion, marquise modified brilliant shapes and rose cuts on availability.

- Certified white diamond pointers with IGI, GIA, HRD certifications in generally sizes 0.50 to 1 carat - 2 carat and all color clarity cut fluorescence as per your demands for jewelry and loose.

- Light brown and light yellow shade diamond pointers in mixed shade of browns like orangy/orangish brown, fancy vivid brown, pinkish brown and so on in different shapes and cuts and sizes generally 0.30 carat to 3.00 carat above. the very light shade brown diamond pointers turn much towards white after setting into the jewellery. 

- Melee diamond lot/parcel in colorless white, next to white (NW shade) to off white to very light brown and light yellow shades of TTLB, TLB, LC, LB, DB as per your demand in eye clean and above clarity of VVS - IFL. All types of melee diamonds in all mm sizes on orders, diamond melees at lowest business trading prices with exact specifications as told to you and not like as other dealers say it to be HI color and you get M color diamonds, so with Jewel Fields you will get the same color clarity as you ordered or otherwise we will inform you and the price will be adjusted accordingly. As you know melee diamonds are generally referred to diamond pointers which are smaller than 0.10 carat - 0.15ct or even 0.20ct sizes they are mostly used in shape of round brilliant cut.

- Natural loose earth mined emeralds from all origins including Zambian, Columbian, Ethiopian, Russian, Brazilian etc. with mostly working in emerald step cut. Emeralds you will get with us in very economical range, very cheap prices and good transparent quality with nice green color saturation as cut and polished emeralds only.

- Gem and Jewelry shows fairs hosting and decorative rare unique cut and shaped gemstone and diamond pcs.

We select diamonds/gems on basis of looking they should be sparkling with luster and shine and non cloudy; with no unwanted inclusions on table like white, black spots which make a diamond or gemstone worthless and bad in appearance.

We always strive best that you grow your business well with us providing you best deals in both gemstones and natural earth mined diamonds.Our diamonds remain in high demand with daily Diamond Traders, Dealers/Suppliers, Jewelry manufacturer factories etc.



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