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Online index of certified earth mined natural faceted emerald parcels from Zambia and Colombia. Jewelfields collects / source and sell natural loose emeralds untreated unheated in transparent good quality at business prices B2B, emeralds in all cuts shapes like most famous octagon emerald cut and cushion shape and pears, asscher and mixed shape size parcels of loose emeralds all our emerald stone parcels are selected on basis of light luster color saturation and amount of color present with negligible inclusions which does not affect the beauty of the emerald gemstone. We supply to top emerald traders and manufacturers also re cutting available on orders. Factories making original emerald jewelry in gold and diamond buy regularly from us we export to countries like USA, Italy France in Europe, Australia, Switzerland, Japan. Emerald ring bracelets earring layouts mix shape sizes, wholesale loose calibrated lots. Jewel Fields as loose gemstone seller offers best clarity deep bluish green auction grade collectors emerald, mm size calibrated round and princess emerald lots in step cut, raw emerald rough from mine to cutting to get top firing gem quality emerald, certified with GIA, IGI, GRS, GTL certificate and non certified with minor oil, all are emeralds comes with good clarity luster/spark of table and inclusions are usually internal colorless fissures which does not affect the attraction of stone much, real emeralds are not graded as diamonds on basis of color and clarity like SI, VVS, VS, I. Loose emeralds for sale / emerald gemstone inventory / emerald manufacturer / emerald supplier / loose emerald dealers in India / loose emerald sapphire ruby / original loose emeralds wholesale / 1ct - 6ct 7 carat weight emerald / mix size emerald lots / cushion, trillion and pear cut emerald pair / buy emeralds online / emerald no reserve auctions / gemstone supplier companies / GRS certified emerald gem with origin / loose emerald parcel for sale at cheap rate / Colombian emeralds / round step cut and diamond cut emerald for jewelry setting / emerald gemstone / octagon step cut emerald / Panjshir valley Pakistan and Afghanistan origin emerald gemstone for sale / loose emeralds for sale / emerald auctions / emerald cut emerald / emerald mines in Colombia and Africa / emerald seller in bulk / emerald wholesaler in Jaipur India / asscher cut emerald