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Gem stone natural loose emeralds online by Jewel Fields with GIA IGI GRS laboratory certification, certified original cut and polished Zambian origin emerald gemstone wholesaler. Faceted natural untreated emeralds for sale by trusted dealer wholesaler Jewelfields at business trading prices also genuine Colombian Ethiopian origin emeralds on availability and orders. All shapes in faceted gemstone emeralds like most common octagon step cut / emerald cut with 8 sides in rectangle and square, cushion, oval, marquis leaves, pear shaped, cabochon sugar loaf, princess shape, single round step cut and full diamond cut. We source trade and supply loose emerald gemstones at business to business trading prices as lots and provide you best rates in comparison to all precious gemstone dealers manufacturers emerald cutting factories in Jaipur Hongkong Bangkok in loose emerald mix free carat size and shape emerald in good quality. Emerald layouts, pairs, drops and same mm size shape calibrated emerald parcels on availability. The inclusions or natural inclusion pattern affects the look appearance of the stone so we see and pick no table spots or cloudy foggy emeralds also emeralds with open cracks on surface and much affecting center black white dots or spots. Emeralds can be certified by GTL by GJEPC lab and IGI GIA on order. Jewel Fields supplies loose emeralds at best lowest prices to emerald dealers jewelry makers designers, retailers worldwide to USA, Europe, Russia, Canada, Australia, Japan, China and more, emeralds under 100 USD, no oil emeralds, minor colorless oiling treatment is common trade practice in emeralds and all emerald rough stone imported is already oiled. bluish green emerald. Emerald ring, emerald bracelet, emerald necklace, emerald beads. Best top ranked emerald dealers exporters. For sale Panjshir / Afghanistan and Swat valley emerald auctions, Rare far size and small size emerald gem with vivid velvet green shade. Emeralds in all weight of 1ct - 2ct 3ct 4ct to over 10 carat size. Genuine emeralds at genuine price / emerald cut emeralds / natural polished emerald wholesale dealers / invest in loose emeralds with Jewel Fields India / GRS (swiss lab) GIA gemstone origin certificates / gem fields emerald mines / emeralds at cheap rate / loose Zambian emeralds for sale / loose Colombian emerald for sale / asscher cut emerald / loose emerald dealers in new york USA, London UK, China and Canada, emerald wholesaler list, emerald suppliers list, emerald online sellers / buy emerald gemstone online / panna gemstone / emerald jewelry and pair for earrings