KL Color Si2 Clarity Melee Diamond Sieve Size 1.8mm To 2.5mm
KL Color Si2 Clarity Melee Diamond Sieve Size 1.8mm To 2.5mm

KL Color Si2 Clarity Melee Diamond Sieve Size 1.8mm To 2.5mm


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100% natural and untreated melee diamond lot

+6 pierres/sieve size

1.7mm to 2.5mm

K color / top light brown

SI clarity

Very good cut and polish quality

Top Luster/Firing in the diamonds

Round brilliant cut

Australian origin

All JEWEL FIELDS diamonds are selected on basis of light luster sparkle and clean appearance, no girdle broken or table patched stones will be there in any melee diamond parcels. All the diamond are scanned for any synthetics like CVD lab grown stones, we work in all shades of white like colorless, off white, next to white in color hues of brownish and yellowish as TLB, TTLB, TLC, TTLC on order basis also fancy color diamond melees. We work in wholesale melee diamond pointer lots as business to business dealings only. Work with Jewel Fields with full assurity of authentic stones and most reasonable price guarantee. Melee diamonds / melee diamond suppliers / melee diamond wholesalers in India / melee diamond manufacturers in India / 2mm, 1mm, 3mm size melee diamond parcels / loose melee diamond parcels / fancy color melee diamonds / +6, -2, 11+, -6 sieve/pierres pointer size melee diamond lots / fancy shape melee diamonds / diamond jewellery / diamonds for jewelers / diamond wholesaler / small size diamonds for jewelry / princess shape melee diamonds / baguettes melee diamonds / baguette cut diamond / small emerald cut diamond / diamond dealers in Surat /diamond exchange in Mumbai / diamond exporters in India / diamond melee online / diamond online inventory



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